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To help you prepare to go Into the World and do great things, there are 3 Insights that can guide you to a life of fulfillment.

Know Yourself

This insight acknowledges that we are created for divine purposes. When we align our thinking with this truth, we learn to accept our talents, strengths and vulnerabilities. Knowing who we are allows us to utilize our gifts in the right way and to live and work with a sense of confidence and peace.

Know Your Environment

This insight recognizes the importance of learning and being attentive to the environment, which we live, work, or study. Knowledge of our environment helps us to discern when to take action, maintain our current position or take a step back. We can learn to make wise decisions and focus our efforts in the direction of our goals.

Value Time

This insight reminds us that we have a finite amount of time. We are presented with choices every day of how to invest our time. By developing our gifts, sharing our talents, reflecting and learning from our experiences we can achieve our goals.

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