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We focus on bringing attention to the situations and choices young adults will face as they transition from elementary school, onto high school, campus life and the working world. We partner with schools, youth groups, faith centres, and organizations to promote independence, confidence, mental-well being and courage.

High School Here I Come (Workshop): In this workshop, we spend time listening and discussing with students how to prepare for this once in a lifetime experience of attending high school. In this interactive workshop, topics for discussion include:

  • Family  Expectations
  • Academic Setting
  • Setbacks and Challenges
  • Creating good study habits and a learning mindset
  • Friendships
  • Personal Safety
  • Choices and Decisions
  • Mental well-being and resilience
  • Their Uniqueness 


 Testimonials from workshops with students

"I enjoyed this and it was interesting to talk freely at all times." 

"You get to be yourself. Tell more about yourself. Listen to everybody else in the workshop was fun."

"I think that tonight was really fun and it taught me a lot about high school..." 

"10/10 I'm not as nervous about high school anymore. [You] didn't only talk about academics but also our future social lives." 

"It was reassuring to know that other people go through the same things as I do.." 

"This session was very nice and inspirational."

"It was beneficial because it gives us information."

Get your copy of High School Here I Come ~ Preparing for the Journey at your local book store, online or through your local library.


Campus Readiness? - A discussion on options after high school


The goal of this workshop is to help reduce the fear, stress and anxiety that young adults are experiencing when having to decide what to do after high school. We will talk about the social, emotional, financial and educational elements of choosing. In the presence of other young adults who are considering these same questions, and sharing similar feelings, we will provide each participant with a simple step by step process to help them decide how to make decisions now and in the future. We will also raise awareness of the options that are available to them after high school. 

Family Session: In support of students' long term success, this session provides information to family members on the options available to students and the role they play in the decision making process and choices students make.   

Testimonials from workshops 


"I enjoyed this session a lot. I never considered other options". CC


"This session was very important and helpful.... The overall style, the game audience interaction and personal/world connections are great." AJB


"You gave the girls lots of great information to think about for their future." (Community Group) 



Let's collaborate to help students to be prepared to navigate the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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