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We work with you and share the strategies that promote success at work and address the behaviours that inhibit career growth. If you are having difficulty getting promoted or are struggling with conflicts at work, we will identify ways to move past fear, communicate with confidence, increase your competency and develop work connections which foster collaboration and professional growth.


Let us help you with:

Coaching, Creating a Plan for a career transition, Developing a Leader's Mindset, Termination Settlements, Recovering from a professional set-back, Interview Preparation, and Addressing a workplace conflict. You do not need to do this on your own.



"Marcella, thank you for being really thorough during the discussion. You really highlighted major key points for beginners."


"Great advice on how to approach job interviews.


"Thank you for teaching me about the importance of having the HR lens in any job I get."


Marcella, your information was enlightening. Your encouragement and advice will go a long way. In the limited time you gave much."

(HRPA Speakers Round table)


"Much thanks for providing more insight when at the workplace."


Engaging presentation. Organized, well-informed and thought provoking."


"Marcella was very articulate and well spoken...She answered the questions with knowledge and gave extremely great explanations."

(Dixie-Bloor Neighbourhood Centre)

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