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For operational leaders and managers, addressing people management issues, while focussing on your clients, customers, growth and development can be a challenge. We have the expertise and will provide solutions to your human resource dilemmas, in compliance with employment legislation, management principles and evidence-based human resources practices.

We share our knowledge and provide guidance, advice and training in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee Career Development
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning


  • Employment Standards Act Legislation and HR Policy Development

  • Employee Engagement and Performance Management
  • Pay and Benefit Leave Entitlements
  • Workplace Accommodations (Ontario Human Rights Code considerations, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act)

  • Terminations and Settlements
  • Conflict Resolution and more

Services Include


HR on Demand - We are your go to consultant to provide the answers you need to address your human resources questions on a variety of topics.


HR Learning Sessions - We are skilled at creating learning sessions on performance management, career development, leadership development, recruitment and talent acquisition.


HR Audit - We review your current human resources policies, practices and procedures and make recommendations to promote equity, inclusivity and diversity in compliance with employment legislation.


HR Strategy - We collaborate and strategize with you to plan and implement solutions to address complex issues which can effect the sustainability of your business. 

HR Articles

Business Outcomes

We can help save you time. We provide you with timely and strategic solutions to your human resource concerns; this means you can focus on your customers, staff, and business operations. 

We will help you attract and retain engaged, talented staff that can assist you with providing great service to your customers and grow your business. 

We will help you provide relevant, impactful, and interactive learning sessions to develop your staff, improve their performance and meet your goals

We will help you implement human resources policies and practices that are fair, equitable, inclusive, and compliant with employment legislation. Having clear policies and practices reduces liability and risk to your business.

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